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Save Your Liver foundation, SYLiF, a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA), is a Liver-Health centered Non-Governmental Organization committed to liver health policy advocacy and awareness creation on liver health. The organization’s mission is to ensure the institutionalization of liver health polices in Africa as part of a global network to create liver awareness through Research, policy advocacy, education and programme interventions in partnership with government, academia, donor agencies and health related corporate industry players. The organization was established in January 2007 but formally registered and inaugurated in January 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Health.

The National Hepatitis B screening Surveillance project is the major project of the foundation for the past three years. The Foundation has organized Free Screening in all the regions in the country. The Foundation has established Free Hepatitis B screening centres in Accra and Kumasi where the public are being encouraged to access free screening to determine their status for early interventions.

SYLiF believes to achieve maximum impact in Hepatitis consciousness in Ghana, a twin-thematic focus on Hepatitis and liver for the purposes of emphasis should be the thrust of education programmes to help the public easily relate the liver to hepatitis and by so doing the rest of the hepatitis modes of infection would be brought to the fore to save lives.

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Save Your Liver Foundation currently boasts of Regional Programme Volunteers and District Programme Volunteers and these volunteers have been given extensive orientation on liver health to educate, counsel and assist people on liver-related complications particularly HEPATISTIS